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Slow On Purpose

A few years ago, I had a big win in my personal health after a long slog of feeling lousy. With it came an abundance of mental and physical energy. I got really busy then, meeting new people, learning new

6 Months and Counting

My 30th birthday is 6 months and 8 days away. I’m not yet having a Friends-style meltdown, but I’m beginning to see why people do.

In which I hate on Bucket Lists

Last Sunday, a friend asked me what’s on my bucket list. I rambled for a few minutes about all the things I want. It all felt like a load of crap. 

Why I’m going to marry Josh Groban

It was during the holiday season. The next Goal Setting meeting was just a few days away and I was on a high. After a rough couple of years, the stress of the recent hardships was finally beginning to lift.

2011 Vision Board

Time to practice what I preach…