Author: Shauna

On Cultural Identity

The following post was written in response to an assignment for the “Global Issues in Technical Communication” course taken in Spring 2018, which I particularly enjoyed. The goal of the write-up was to view your own cultural identity using the framework

Building a 40 Before 40 List

Hey all! After a few years of making human beings and building a career, I’m working on my “40 before 40” and figured it would be a good thing to post about. With dream man in tow to keep me

Social Media Content Calendar Templates

Hi all! It’s been a long time since I posted but today I had a chat (online of course) with some peers who were looking for some good templates to help plan their social media content, including blog content, Facebook,

Slow On Purpose

A few years ago, I had a big win in my personal health after a long slog of feeling lousy. With it came an abundance of mental and physical energy. I got really busy then, meeting new people, learning new

Tanning, Teasing, and Closure

I know you’re not supposed to care about what your exes – or ex-friends – think of you now but I’m going to spit in the face of this norm because I have something very important to announce: I HAVE