Thirty Before 30

Full disclosure: I turned 30 already. Everything marked in red was completed after the original deadline.

Since outliving my own mother at the young age of 26, I developed a list of things to do before hitting the major milestone of thirty years of age. I will post progress updates on this list periodically and share with everyone as they inevitably get crossed off, one by one.

1. Learn to speak French
2. Visit France
3. Learn to play a musical instrument (air drums count!) Completed
4. Drink tea with my family in England
5. Take the GRE Completed 08-12
6. Learn to ride a bike
7. Move away from Phoenix Completed 2009
8. Hike the Zion National Forest
9. Visit Denver
10. Visit San Francisco Completed 03-12
11. Visit the Color Festival in Utah
12. Finish The Fountainhead Completed January 2012
13. Finish writing a novel
14. Publish novel
15. Play a game of kickball Completed 11-10
16. Go to a game at Cardinals stadium Completed 12-18-11
17. Squat 100 lbs Completed (sort of) 2012
18. Do at least ONE pull-up
19. Rock climb Completed 08-10
20. Pay off my car
21. Actually keep and follow a budget for one whole year
22. Build an investment portfolio Completed January 2013
23. Go camping (for the first time ever) Completed 04-12 
24. Become a “super-connector” Completed 02-11
25. Live somewhere where I can walk/bike to everything I need Completed 04-11
26. Join Toastmasters Completed February 2013
27. Give a speech on a topic I love in front of at least 300 people Completed 02-11 with 800 People. It happened. [Video here]
28. Fall in love again
29. Get married
30. Go on a real honeymoon (New Zealand?)

Remember: No matter how old you are, you have time to get something done before it’s too late. Consider this a challenge to reach into your heart and make a list of your own. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?