Embrace the Chaos

Sometimes, you go right when you normally go left. Tonight was one of those nights.

It feels like things just keep moving faster. It’s pleasant, like twirling on the dancefloor, as opposed to the perpetual roller coaster it once was. For a few weeks there, I kept thinking, “If I can just find a still moment. If things could just slow down…”

Yesterday, a coworker told me a story about how she was telling her daughter she wishes she could go back to soak everything in. From her youth, from the early times in her marriage, from when her kids were younger. “It all goes so fast.”

I suppose if it feels so fast, then you’re in a flow. Like Crush in Finding Nemo, swimming back into a natural current.

With that in mind, it seems smart to just go with the flow. Embrace the chaos, as they say.

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