Hey, I know you

If I see someone once, I tend to remember them forever. Upon seeing them again, a little flurry of familiarity kicks up in my gut. I’m compelled to interact. Let’s connect!

This sticky memory includes photographs, even those noticed only in passing. The more I mix and mingle within the local tech and social media community, the more crossed these mental wires become. Did I meet you online or “in real life”?

And is it creepy to recognize you when we’ve never really met?

It’s a tough call. Call it crazy, but I’d rather err on the side of awkward sauce than miss an opportunity to connect.

2 comments on “Hey, I know you
  1. Shauna says:

    PS: I vote we all stop pretending we were ever strangers at all!

  2. Marc Quinn says:

    I remember someone I talked to online once, years ago, said to me “Hey, were you outside the record store in town today at 2pm?” Yes, I was! Oh yeah, I actually kinda remember you cos you looked at me with this crazy stare. Yeah, nice to, um, meet you too!

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