Deciding with a Capital D

I’ve always been a decisive person. So much so that whenever my grandma sees a demanding kid in the store she says, “There’s a Shauna!”

It’s only been the last few months, though, that I’ve truly understood the nature of decision-making.

When most people want something, they want it in a distant and dreamy way. They think, “Oh that would be nice… someday.” That’s why most people do not get what they want. They do not truly believe it will happen or they do not want to admit that they are responsible for it in the end.

People who dream big and then follow-through feel a level of commitment that the average joe lacks. They are not just determined to accomplish a, b and c. They feel certain it will happen.

Commitment like this is not just about throwing your hat in the ring and hoping that “I will get what I want.” It means:

  • Seeing the desire as if it is already your own
  • Wrapping your heart’s energy around it and
  • Taking it inside of you as if it is a part that cannot be subtracted.

Planning transforms a dream into a Goal; Deciding transforms it into the Inevitable.

Without this certainty, you become your own naysayer. And isn’t that really all that holds us back: Fear of Failure and Judgment of Others?

If you’re worried about the naysayers, don’t be. It seems that when you own your desires like this, people respect them. People believe you, even when it’s a crazy sort of dream. They will step up to help (or get out of your way). You trust yourself and so others follow suit.

Deciding with a capital D is not easy. It takes grit, determination, focus and relentless passion. And once you get to this point, there is no turning back.

But then, if you got to the point where you felt no doubt at all, would you want to go back?

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