What’s right with me

On a bookshelf at home, there sits a book titled, “What’s Right With Me?” I bought it a longtime ago. It’s a workbook designed to help you reframe your self-perception.

I’ve never actually read it.

I bought it when I was the queen of procrastination, avoidance and negative self-talk. A lifetime later (two years is a lifetime, right?) in a rare moment of boredom, I picked it up to do the exercises only to put it back down again. Now that I was finally ready to embrace its positive message, I did not need it anymore. Today it remains on the shelf as a reminder.

When I notice it, I ask myself the title question: “What’s Right With You?”

If there is an answer – any answer – I know that it’s time to reassess. Why? Because if I begin to see myself as right OR wrong, then I am no longer in a state of acceptance. Ego has taken over and self-doubt, criticism and distractedness are closing in fast.

Acceptance is a simple process that – for many – takes a lot of psychological re-engineering to reach. For Elizabeth Gilbert, author of bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love,” it took a year traveling the world. For Eckhart Tolle, Author and Mindfulness Guru, it took living on bus benches in poverty-induced contemplation. For me, the Mindful Marketer, it took having literally nothing on my hands but time… and it is still a day-to-day process.

There is nothing right with you but there is nothing wrong with you, either. You are who you are and the sooner you wrap your arms around it and let it be, the sooner you will start truly living.

One comment on “What’s right with me
  1. Stacey Nelson says:

    I am inspired to be…me.