My Summer Hibernation

It’s hot here in Phoenix and it’s getting hotter.

While the rest of the world enjoys the rarity that is sunshine and warm weather, we Phoenicians crank up the air conditioner and retire to a three-month stint of aggressive indoorsiness.

Well, those of us who don’t have a pool anyway.

I’ve decided to pack it in, too, but with a greater purpose.

Since things are finally quieting down in my post-divorce, post-multiple-layoffs, post-total-life-upheaval the last few years, I’ve decided to take the summer off.

I have in mind a summer spent not bronzing by the pool, eyeing others enviously as they down barbecued hamburgers WITH A BUN. No, no! From June 1st until my birthday mid-August, I will be traveling the best way I know how: by reading.

It’s the ideal vacation. Here is why:

1) It’s free.

I don’t have money to spend on a fancy trip to the French Riviera. What money I do have is already committed to much nobler goals (like, you know, saving and investing) I already own piles of books and if, by some miracle, I read all 30 of them before mid-August, the public library is just around the corner.

2) It’s easy.

Again, the books are about 6 feet from me now. They are books I really want to read but always seem to avoid because, “I’m just so darn busy!” All I have to do is shut the door for some quiet and pick one up.

3) I get to sleep in my own bed.

Enough said.

4) I will grow from it.

Much like a trip spent backpacking China, these books will expand my mind and make me a more interesting person. Amongst the authors: Erica Jong, H. G. Wells, George Eliot, Thomas Friedman, the Dalai Lama and so on.

5) I won’t come back with a lame photo slideshow.

One picture of me reading books is exactly the same as the next. I won’t bore you with the details.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing..?

My life will look basically the same: work, gym, sleep, repeat. But in the hours between, rather than cramming the free time with outings, happy hours, dates and Facebook I am going to address the growing pile of books and projects I have been sidelining in favor of weekend festivals and parties.

When I get burnt out on books, I will be spending my time:

  • Studying for the GRE
  • Interviewing my grandma about growing up during World War II
  • Outlining my book for NaNoWriMo and
  • Writing!

I apologize in advance to friends and family who think I’ve gone all Emily Dickinson. I will be back and plan to return smarter, more worldly and only slightly paler than you remember.

4 comments on “My Summer Hibernation
  1. jeevesmeister says:

    I humbly suggest the Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s about a little girl growing up in Nazi Germany and learning how to read. Oh, and it’s narrated by Death himself.

    Also the only book to make me cry like a nine year old.

  2. Chris Nelson says:

    Just curious, where did your grandmother grow up?

    • admin says:

      Nottingham. I still have loads of family there and plan to visit within the next year.

  3. Young Mogul says:

    I just received my GRE study guide from Ebay. Sounds like great summer plans to me!